Last Updated 04 September  2020  

We are engineers, YouTubers, artists, salesmen. We all unite, create, honestly to make the most wonderful products for this world.

Joseph Nguyen (Được Cờ Lê) founded the BigS youtube channel when he was studying mechatronics engineering. His “how to make” and “DIY” videos have attracted millions of views, at the same time a lot of people contacted and offered to buy the products he has created. That’s why BigS Creations was born.

Currently and in the short term, we will design, manufacture, and sell working, detailed prop replicas and creative toys such as:

  • Transformer Costumes
  • Arc Reactor
  • Webshooter
  • Trollhunter Amulet

Currently, BigS Creations only sells products in two places:

  1. This Site.
  2. Etsy shop: BigSCreations.

We are selling our products to everyone on this planet.

You can find us at:

  1. Youtube: Big S
  2. Facebook: Big S
  3. Etsy: BigSCreations
  4. Pinterest: BigS_Transforming